Moscow closes public establishments and crowded places to stop COVID-19


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – From March 28 to April 5 in Moscow the work of a series of establishments, including parks, shops, restaurants, cafes, canteens, barbershops, is suspended as part of the measures against the spread of coronavirus , according to the decree of the mayor Sergei Sobianin.

“Work in restaurants, cafes, bars, dining rooms and other public catering establishments is suspended, with the exception of take-away services (…) work in retail stores is temporarily suspended, with the exception of pharmacies and those of food and certain types of staple non-food products, “says the text published on the mayor’s website and on the government website of the capital.

Likewise, in-person services including barber shops and hairdressers are suspended in Moscow, provisional closure of food establishments and large parks is ordered.

“Services to citizens who require their personal presence are temporarily suspended, for example, hairdressing salons. The exception to this rule are medical, rehabilitation, care for the elderly and other people in need,” as well as other social services, transport, banking, etc.

The first mayor pointed out that “the restrictions imposed today are unprecedented in modern Moscow history and will create many inconveniences for everyday life, but they are absolutely necessary to slow the spread of coronavirus infection and reduce the number of cases.”

Confirmed cases in Russia

The Russian authorities registered in a day 182 confirmed cases of contagion by the coronavirus, bringing the total number of those infected to 840, reported this March 26 the operational center for the prevention and fight against the coronavirus in Russia.

“In the last 24 hours, 182 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in 18 regions,” the statement said, specifying that 136 new infections were detected in Moscow.

In total, according to data from the center, “840 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported to date in the Russian Federation in 56 regions.”

In addition, on the last day “two fatal cases related to coronavirus infection were registered in Moscow,” the note added.


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