Minister Ollongren returned to her ministry for the first time after illness


A date for her return as a minister has not yet been set. Ollongren (52) has undergone an operation on her sinuses last year. After a short time, she returned to the ministry. However, she was confronted with complications and had to report sick from 1 November in the interest of her recovery.

To replace

Ollongren is being replaced by state secretaries Raymond Knops and Stientje van Veldhoven and minister Ank Bijleveld, who have recently been promoted to minister. Social Affairs Minister Wouter Koolmees replaces her as Deputy Prime Minister.

This replacement arrangement will continue to exist until the moment that Ollongren is really back. At the beginning of this year, it was announced that Ollongren would resume work by the end of this month. That is still the goal.

Mixed feelings

When the minister dropped out in November and was replaced, she wrote in an email to the members of her party D66 that she had a double feeling about it. “On the one hand I find it difficult that I cannot do my own work, but at the same time it is nice that colleagues want to see my portfolios. I am grateful to them for that and I am sure they will do an excellent job, “she wrote.

She further indicated that the complications were easy to treat, but that it would take time before she would be fully recovered. “That also asks me to work on reinforcing a virtue that I don’t know so well: patience,” the email said.

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