Minister De Jonge in trouble due to conflict over software IC capacity


The planned roll-out of a new software system by the Ministry of Health, where Minister Hugo de Jonge is at the helm, appears to be a conflict of interest. This is evident from a disclosure of the Volkskrant, which also reports that the care parties and the Ministry of De Jonge are diametrically opposed.

It is a system called 2Twenty4 that is intended to map the bed capacity in hospitals as long as the corona crisis lasts. A paid system, while two free systems are already in use. The difference is that in the two existing systems, hospitals themselves fill in the availability of beds, with the new system drawing information from the existing databases, but without taking into account factors such as the availability of personnel. As a result, according to healthcare parties, the new system provides unreliable information, on which the ministry then bases its policy.

There is an additional, significant point of criticism. When the new system is being rolled out, the new National Patient Distribution Coordination Center (LCPS) will be involved from the ministry, in which data expert and consultant Marcel de Jong is involved. This Marcel de Jong was also involved in the creation of 2Twnty4. This raises questions about potential conflicts of interest among critics. Monday evening the Ministry of Health will hold crisis consultations. It is also likely that 2Twenty4, and the resistance against it from healthcare professionals, will be discussed.

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