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Microsoft has announced that Starting April 21, Office 365 Home Subscriptions will be called Microsoft 365 and will include new services and features. Microsoft 365 is an evolution of Office 365 that leverages artificial intelligence capabilities, adds a wide variety of content and new templates. The new service delivers the power of cloud computing, significantly improved text handling, more convenient formatting and easier presentation. New online services have also been added to facilitate online communication. The new features and features will start rolling in on April 21 this year, with more than 38 million Office 365 subscribers accessing them in the coming months.

One of the new solutions in Microsoft 365 is the Microsoft Family Safety app designed to help keep your family safe in the digital and physical world. Microsoft Teams has added new features to help you stay closer to your friends and family and work on your projects together.

The Microsoft Edge browser enhances its information security through the Password Monitor password system.

Get closer to your family with Skype and Microsoft Teams

In times of coronavirus, it is very important to have a connection with your loved ones. Over the past few months, over 40 million people have started using Skype, which means a 70% increase on a monthly basis. Skype has been up 220% over the past month. And to help people, Microsoft has introduced the new free Meet Now feature, which can start a video conference in just three clicks. Moreover, participants in this conference do not need to log in to their account and install an application.

More than 44 million people use Microsoft Teams at work. Microsoft Teams is an information hub for chatting, ringing, video conferencing, and other collaboration features that come together in the same application. Now Microsoft has added new features in Microsoft Teams for private users. With Teams, you can always be online, create groups, organize meetings or make a list of club events. Tools for storing sensitive information, such as Wi-Fi passwords and account data, will be added to Microsoft Teams very soon. There will be the ability to track geolocation of loved ones when they go to work or school, as long as they agree.

Protect your family in the digital and physical worlds with Microsoft Family Safety

The new Microsoft Family Safety app will help families protect their loved ones by providing them with useful tools and analytics to build useful online and real-world habits. This is the only application that allows you to manage screen time on Windows 10 PCs, Android devices and the Xbox. It helps keep the peace of mind when the children are away.

Microsoft Family Safety can track geolocation and receive notifications when family members leave home, leave school or work. This way you stay calmer when the kids are away and you can call for help if needed.

The Microsoft Family Safety app will help you understand how children spend their time with the Xbox, a Windows 10 PC, and Android smartphones, so they can form the necessary habits when using these devices. In addition, it may be possible to restrict viewing of materials that are not relevant to the child’s age when surfing the Internet.

Microsoft Editor

A Microsoft survey shows that more than half of users tend to write faster and better. The Editor Web service is based on AI algorithms and is available in over 20 languages. It can be used in conjunction with Word, with and as an extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

The new Rewrite Suggestions feature suggests how text can be made more compelling or comprehensible while retaining its original meaning. In addition, the Editor feature in Word offers for the first time a plagiarism checker, helping authors create original texts and, when needed, with just one click, insert quotes.

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint helps overcome fear of public speaking. Presenter Coach uses artificial intelligence to determine if you are not talking too fast, whether your speech is too often “Um” or your speech sounds as if you are reading from slides.

Microsoft introduced two new features in PowerPoint Presenter Coach – a function for determining monotone pitch and for further processing of speech. Presenter Coach listens to the tone of your voice and, in real time, offers you to make your speech more emotional, while also helping with grammar and giving tips on how to make sentences more literate.

Creative content and special templates

The PowerPoint Designer feature enhances your creative capabilities without requiring additional time. For example, it is possible to convert text into an effective timeline in just one click. And when you add an image to a slide, Designer Software automatically generates several design options. Microsoft 365 subscribers also get a large arsenal of creativity – they will have over 8,000 beautiful images, 176 Getty Images videos, 300 new fonts and 2,800 new icons to create impressive and engaging documents. All of this will be available in Word and Excel.

For a quick start to a school, work or home project, and to save time, Microsoft 365 subscribers will have access to over 200 special Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates. There are templates for creating the perfect CV, for wedding invitations, for news, for creating birthday cards for your child, and many more.

New data type and smart templates in Excel

Many people use Excel to collect and analyze information. Finding, sorting, and updating this data can be complicated and time-consuming. With the release of Microsoft 365 in Excel, new types of data will be introduced, making it much easier to structure and analyze information. Subscribers will be given access to detailed information on over 100 areas, including food, movies, places of interest, chemistry and even Pokémon. It can be time-saving by converting text and numbers to the new data type so that Excel can offer a variety of visual and informational interactive data and image maps for better information presentation. Access to stock data and detailed geography are open to anyone in the Excel Web version, and Microsoft 365 subscribers receive exclusive access to over 100 types of new data based on Wolfram Alpha.

Schedule your personal and business hours with Outlook

Microsoft has added new features to the Outlook Web version, which can bring all future events and meetings into a single calendar that can show your workload in your work account. The software giant guarantees the confidentiality of personal and business meeting information.

Subscribe to Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family will be available worldwide at April 21 this year. From that date, Microsoft offers many more options at the same price.

Customers who already have Office 365 subscriptions will start to get access to new features and features today. Microsoft 365 subscribers get all the features of Office 365 and Office PC premiums, 1TB per user in OneDrive e-cloud, 60 minutes Skype phone calls to city and mobile phones, advanced information security tools, and 24/7 technical support.

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