Methanol Alcohol Suicide in Iran for Corona Fear!


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Some Iranians have believed the rumors about the benefit of methanol in fighting a new type of coronavirus and consuming it have led to the deaths of hundreds.

According to Sputnik, Iranian Ministry of Health officials say doctors are forced to rescue patients with coronary heart disease but also from methanol poisoning, which some people unfortunately use to protect them from coronary heart disease. .

The Ministry of Health has stated that there is now only one problem in other countries, the coronary virus epidemic, but now we are fighting simultaneously on two fronts: with both corona and methanol poisoning.

Ebrahim Qaddusi, head of Iran’s Drug Prevention and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Alcohol Abuse Division, warned about the use of methanol-based disinfectants and said: “In the Practical Guide on How to Disinfect Hands and Contact Levels of Food and Drug Administration, Methyl Alcohol or Methanol in Disinfectant Compounds Due to the toxicity of this substance, it is absorbed by the skin and absorbed in proportion to the amount of skin absorption, leading to complications such as blindness, renal toxicity and death. Accordingly, make sure that the solution is allowed to use on surfaces that come in contact with the skin of the human body, according to the warning and label on the disinfectant.

According to published statistics, over one thousand people have been poisoned by methanol in Iran and more than 300 have been killed.


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