Marching wars … the Syrian and Libyan armies in the battle of destiny


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All data indicate that the Turkish army, in its war on the Syrian and Libyan fronts, is heavily dependent on drones, which were spotted on both sides of the fighting in Syria and Libya.

The Turkish planes inflicted great human and material losses on the Syrian and Libyan fronts, and the spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, announced several days ago that a large number of casualties occurred in Al-Rawajeh area, south of the capital Tripoli, and the spokesman published scenes of major damage that took place at the target location.

On the other hand, the Turkish planes launched a large-scale offensive in the past five days on most of the Syrian fronts parallel to Idlib governorate, targeting the centers of the Syrian army, in order to stop its military flag to fight the terrorist organizations present in the Idlib governorate.

Did Damascus find a solution to the problem?

Certainly, today, the Syrian army’s announcement of a no-fly zone over Idlib governorate is based on military data and data, and not merely a declaration of press circulation, or of a war of words that Damascus has not undertaken in its policy known as “its silence.”

The biggest indicator against the background of this statement is the shooting down of four Turkish march planes in one day, which will limit the movement of these planes in the next few days, and that would reset the fronts around Idlib and northwestern Aleppo.

As for the second indicator, it was issued today just before by the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, announcing that Turkish aircraft were not safe after the Damascus Declaration, and the Russian President’s spokesman announced that the Damascus operation to combat terrorism continued in Idlib Governorate.

He said that Russia is no longer able to guarantee the safety of Turkish aircraft in Syria, after the country’s government closed the airspace in Idlib

Certainly, Damascus is aware in advance of the possibility of many losses, but the battle for it is inevitable because it will determine the course of political and military action in the future.

Days can determine the fate of the region

It is possible to consider the war waged by Damascus today, one of the fiercest wars it has fought in its history, a direct war between two armies after nine years of battles, but it is fateful, and it certainly will not allow great geographical losses, especially since the meeting of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with Turkish President Recep Ok Erdogan, it is soon, so you will continue to press militarily, at all costs, in implementation of what Erdogan said yesterday: “The crisis has been woven in Idlib to constrict Turkey.”

Syrian-Libyan coordination started today that would affect Turkey

The diplomatic relations that started today with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its counterpart in the Libyan interim government regarding the reopening of diplomatic and consular missions and coordination of the positions of the two countries in international and regional forums, it will certainly not stop on the political side, but will include other aspects that were alluded to in a text Syrian Foreign Ministry.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry indicated that the meeting between the two sides dealt with “the continuous coordination between them to confront the pressures and similar challenges targeting them, foremost of which is the blatant Turkish aggression against the sovereignty and independence of both countries and external interference in their internal affairs.”

Certainly, the coming days will be harsh, but they are not as some would expect, especially from the Turkish side. The Syrian-Libyan war continued for many years, during which the balance of forces changed and fluctuated, but the Syrian and Libyan armies managed to overcome them and circumvent their political and military fluctuations.

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