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Bruno Fernandes became the true find of Old Trafford after his transfer from Sporting Lisbon on January 29th. The 25-year-old Portuguese has 3 goals and 3 assists in 8 duels and has played a key role in a series of 11 consecutive games without losing to the Red Devils. The tech midfielder already has his own track and is a fan favorite for the 20-time FA champions. Bruno Fernandes spoke frankly to Laura Woods about being a player at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“The decision to come here was easy. When I realized I had the opportunity to do so, I didn’t even think. I spoke with Sporting and I told them Manchester United was my first choice. I quickly adapted to Old Trafford. We are all hungry for success and we hope to do better. Over the last month I have recorded some solid meetings and we can talk about a fresh start after Bruno. But it’s not about Bruno, it’s about the team. The team needs the right focus and decisions, “Fernandes begins the conversation.

One of the hallmarks of any top player is having their own song. The Portuguese has quickly become a fan favorite, and they keep chanting his name and happily sing the song that is dedicated to him. “It’s great. The support I get from my first day supporters here is incredible. Back in my debut, I listened to their song. I thought, “I’ve been here for two days, and they already have a song.” I want to pay off the fans and help the club move forward. I try in every way to respond to their love. I am grateful for the support they give me. Even sometimes I am wrong, they are always with me. I don’t think I changed United The team would win without me, I’m just trying to help with this cause. All the guys press the gas pedal firmly, “smiles Bruno.

Fernandes has been under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for just over a month, and the midfielder is pleased with the techniques used by the manager: “He is very attentive to the details. This is important to me because they can tilt the scales in your favor in every match. Now every coach is really good. Mentors look at each other and learn from each other. Solskjaer is really great at what he does. He knows when to talk to players, when to say a good word, or to encourage you to give more of yourself. I think when you have a background in football, you better understand these things. Ole wants perfection that is impossible, but we are trying to get to that level. Coaching is always important for a new player. For me too, because you have to feel confidence on the other side. When I came here, Solskjaer helped me a lot. And my teammates received me very warmly. When you have their support, it’s much easier for you and you can act with confidence. ”

Bruno became particularly close to his compatriot Diogo Dalot, who helped him settle in Manchester: “I have a car for a week, but Diogo insists on training me. Usually we are one of the first, only Phil Jones is ahead of us. With Dalot we are good friends, going to breakfast together or to the gym. He really helped me a lot. The first days I slept in his house because I was staying at a hotel, but Diogo insisted that I be in his house. I’m really happy it’s with me. ”

Fernandez quickly became involved in the role of a motor in the midfield. He also pointed out the differences in his game at Old Trafford: “I think I’m a different player from the rest. Maybe I take more risks and others don’t. Maybe I shoot and file more, I don’t know. But overall, I’m a player who likes to take risks. Because my job is to give more assists and score goals. Even if I make a mistake, I’ll try again. I try to be faster with the ball, but it’s also in my mind how to get it back if I lose it. I delve into the details because if you want to be one of the best you have to look at the details. When I think I have misbehaved, I carefully look for my mistakes and try to avoid them. But I never go back, because I know next time I will handle the level. ”

Bruno Fernandes turned the headlines on United’s 2-0 victory over City rivals City. Then the Portuguese signaled Pep Guardiola to remain silent, and now he explains the incident: “Some people say, ‘Pep has won everything, who is Bruno to react like that?'” But this is about respect. He told me some things on the pitch that angered me. And I’m easy to fire. I respect Guardiola for what he has done for football. But at that moment he didn’t respect me, so my reaction was correct. But it’s in the past, I’m no longer interested. ”

Laura Woods Sky Sports, translated by The Sports Subject

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