Mallu Traveler Bike: ‘Amina’ in Azerbaijan, replaced with Apache RR 310 TVS – vlogger halts tvs gifts apache rr 310 back home


The famous vlogger, Shakir Subhan, started his journey from Kerala to Europe with TVS Apache RTR 200 4V in October last year. Perhaps the name Mullu Traveler is better than this. After a five-country ride, he crossed over from Azerbaijan to the sixth country, Georgia, but the Corona villain arrived. Georgia’s Shakir Subhan was denied entry because Kovid-19 had traveled through much more destructive Iran. Shakir, on his way back, handed over his bike, which he affectionately called Amina, to friends in Azerbaijan and returned to Kerala.
Straight to the Corona Isolation Camp in Kannur. Shakir Subhan’s Surprise, a brand new bike, came home after 14 days of sightseeing. TVS Motor Company has shocked the traveler by supplying the Apache RR 310 with a replacement bike for the Apache RTR 200 4V in Azerbaijan. Shakir Subhan shared his happiness on the youtube video.

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In the video, Shakir Subhan said in the video that the tour would resume from Azerbaijan soon after the coronation. Even then the compact ‘Amina’ (Apache RTR 200 4V) will still be. The video ends with TVS thanking the new Apache RR 310 for the prize.
2020 TVS Apache RR 310

TVS Motor Company unveiled the 2020 edition of the full-fledged bike model Apache RR 310 in January. Rs 2.40 lakhs
Ex-Showroom Price of 2020 TVS Apache RR 310. The new version is Rs 12,000 more expensive than the Apache RR 310 that was on sale so far. The main changes in the look are the new Titanium Black color with the racing graphics, and the Apache sticker added to the size of the fairing. Another highlight of the 2020 Apache RR 310 is the 5.0-inch, color TFT instrument panel with Bluetooth connectivity.

The innovations on the technical side include ride-by-wire throttle and 4 riding modes (Rain, Urban, Sport and Track). The new 313cc single-cylinder engine is powered by 34bhp of power at 9,700rpm and 27.3Nm of torque at 7,700rpm. At the same time, power and torque output will be reduced to 25bhp at 7,600rpm in urban and rain modes, and 25bhp at 6,700rpm. High speeds in urban and rain modes will be reduced from 160 km / h to 125 km / h.

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The new Apache RR 310 features Michelin Road 5 tires that are more efficient than Michelin Pilot Streets tires. Another highlight is the Glide Through Technology + feature. With this feature on, the bike will accelerate at a very low speed without acceleration. This can be an adventure on urban trips with traffic.

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