Madrid applauds the citizen collaboration: “We will fight and we will win”


“And if this time fighting means staying home, we will fight, and we will win. And we will unite again in an invincible Madrid. Thank you, Madrid.”

This concludes the video created by the Madrid City Council to thank, in one minute and ten seconds, the effort that millions of residents of the community are making day after day staying at home during the confinement to try to stop the expansion of COVID-19.
To the rhythm of the song I will resistThousands of Spaniards applaud the hard work of the toilets every afternoon, breaking the devastating silence of the streets. In the Madrid capital, there is no longer any hustle and bustle. And the sound of the engines has been replaced by the hissing of the birds. The strange feeling currently shared by thousands of Madrid residents has been captured in an audiovisual piece created by the Media Department of the Madrid City Council and produced by the digital communication agency Yondbee Social Effects.

The video projects images that lead us to remember what that Madrid before that the state of alarm be decreed and become the autonomous community most affected by the coronavirus of the entire national territory.

In a succession of images, the most emblematic places of the city are visited, such as the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the Plaza de Cibeles, the Retiro Park, the Temple of Debod or the Gran Vía, and reviews some of the most Madrid customs , such as the reeds of the terraces in bars, nightclubs or daily urban traffic.

“The Retreat will continue to explode in a thousand different springs. A reed in the sun will bring back memories of what happened a hundred heats ago. And in an afternoon that does not end, someone will swear to you that it is the last, and it will not be,” he says. .

The project is framed within the new strategy of Tourism content of the Madrid City Council and appeals to the feeling of unity in the purest poetic style, with activities that we will end up recovering.

“When Madrid loses breath, there are no questions. We stop screaming in teams, we unite our voices and remind ourselves that, together, we have never lost. The rhythm of a Monday morning will make you angry, and you will like it at the same time”


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