Lucas full of praise: ‘Antony has everything to shine’


Lucas Moura has huge expectations of Antony Matheus dos Santos – Antony for short – at Ajax. The two are very good friends and the attacker of Tottenham Hotspur wishes the Ajax asset the best.

“Antony is a good friend of mine,” says Lucas in conversation Lance. “He’s a great player. At the moment he is developing enormously and I expect he will shine in the future. My first advice to him is, I don’t know if he’s already doing that is taking English lessons. That is very important. It is important that he can communicate with his new club later. ”

It is also important for Antony that he can fully focus on football. According to Lucas, that is very difficult. “It will start to long for his family and friends in Brazil. It will also be cold here, but he can show himself in Europe! He is going to a big club and he will probably play in the Champions League. He has everything to grow even bigger here. ”

Most beautiful moment of career

Lucas has not been the most loved person in Amsterdam and surroundings since May last year. With a hat trick he made sure that not Ajax, but Tottenham Hotspur was in the final of the Champions League. A very painful moment for many players of Ajax, but for Lucas it was ‘his most beautiful moment in his career’. “Of course there were other great moments, such as my departure from São Paulo. I will never forget that. But if you look at that hat trick … It was the Champions League and it was so hard. We were 2-0 behind and had to score three times after the break. ‘


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