Levski fans impressed all over Europe


The virtual tickets for Saturday’s derby with Ludogorets, which Levski fans buy as hot bread, have attracted the attention of all Europe, the Meridian match writes.

In some places paper is not even enough to buy gaps, it adds to the familiarity with the situation in detail.

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A number of specialist media outlets across the Old Continent have expressed their admiration for the blues’ supporters and the extent of their support.

Yesterday, over 5,000 collector tickets were sold, each costing 10 leva. Thus, the supporters spent over 50,000 leva in the box office of the “blue”.

Daniel Borimirov: Levski's audience is doing something great

Daniel Borimirov: Levski’s audience is doing something great

“I think Peter Hubchev can answer why results are not achieved”

The club also released an official message on their Facebook page:

“Levskari, let’s count ourselves. We invite everyone who bought your ticket for a” closed door “match against Ludogorets to upload a photo with him on Instagram or Facebook. The choice of composition is entirely yours! Just remember to tag our profile / Thank you for your unreserved support! Levskar to be your brother is a big word, Levskar to be your brother is an honor! “, wrote from Gerena.

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