Lavrov talks to Cavusoglu about the arrest of Sputnik journalists


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Russian Foreign Ministry: Lavrov talks with Chavushoglu about the need to resolve the situation with Turkey’s Sputnik.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Mawlod Cavusoglu, that the situation around Sputnik journalists should be resolved as soon as possible and assured of their security.

The Russian side stresses the need for a swift resolution of the situation around journalists and staff at Sputnik News Agency in Ankara and their security.

On Saturday, aggressive protesters chanted threatening slogans against Turkish Sputnik employees who are Turkish citizens.

The protesters threatened journalists and demanded that their professional activities be stopped. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, reporters have been at the disposal of Turkish government forces since yesterday evening and have so far been unable to communicate with them.

Sputnik reporters were taken to the Justice Palace building in Ankara for questioning, according to a reporter.


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