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Hundreds of expatriates in the district have been hit by the directive to submit Kovid 19 certificate for those who are going to work and other needs in Kuwait. The journey of many, including those who went on vacation, family, and first time job, was uncertain.

The reason for the crisis is that the health department cannot send or report samples of people who are not at risk. Two people approached the district health department asking for a certificate of absence from the corona. Norka Roots is also getting many people with the same demand. But the authorities are not able to give any definite instructions as to what they should do.

People with symptoms to check: DMO

The department of health has been asked to send the sample for testing for shark samples of suspected and suspected disease patients. Virology Institute of Alappuzha, Pune Only those who have health problems such as fever and shortness of breath can be admitted to the hospital and treated and the samples collected.

The result of 15 samples is negative

Samples of 15 patients who were treated at the Medical College Hospital were sent to the Virology Institute in Alappuzha and Pune. The test results showed that nobody was sick. No one is currently being treated here. Corona reported that 41 people from foreign countries are currently under surveillance in their homes.

In observation

Apart from China, the Health Department monitors arrivals from Italy, Japan, Vienna, Korea, Thailand, Iran and the United States.

Notice the proposal: Norka Roots

NORKA ROOTS officials said they were concerned that Kuwait would be required to produce a certificate that the corona does not have. However, such certificates can only be directed to the Health Department if necessary.

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