Kuwait denies the death of the first case of “Corona” on its territory … and issues a warning



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Today, Saturday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health denied reports on social media of the first death in Kuwait due to the new Corona virus.

He stressed that the rumors about the death of a Kuwaiti woman in “Corona” in Kuwait were “incorrect information,” according to the report Agency Kuwaiti News (KUNA).
The Ministry of Health stressed to the public the necessity of checking accuracy and referring to official sources to obtain the correct information, in light of the transparency approach followed by the ministry in all its affairs, especially as it continues to work day and night to serve the country and preserve its health security.

The Ministry warned all those who deal with such incorrect news against the consequences of being subjected to legal liability.

Today, Saturday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health recorded 3 new infections with the newly created “Corona” virus, raising the total to 61.

On Friday, the State of Kuwait suspended flights with seven countries for a week, in order to deal with the spread of the Corona virus.

The Kuwaiti Cabinet issued a statement saying that it was decided to stop all incoming and outgoing flights to and from Kuwait International Airport for the following countries (Bangladesh, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Lebanese Republic, Egypt).

The virus began in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last December and then spread to dozens of countries around the world.

The World Health Organization previously classified an “emerging coronavirus,” a pandemic, and declared a “health emergency with an international dimension.”


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