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KSRTC stops services from Bengaluru There will also be services scheduled for tonight. The decision is due to restrictions on the Karnataka Tamil Nadu border. Kerala to Quarantine. Tamil Nadu blocks vehicles from Kerala Kerala closes road to Karnataka in Kasargod district. With Kovid confirmed to three people, the Tamil Nadu government has taken stern action. Most of the affected people are transported from Kerala to Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu has decided to close all borders. With stringent inspection and restrictions, there is a long line of vehicles including the Valayar. The Tamil Nadu government has tightened inspections with three cases of corruption in Tamil Nadu.

When the government decided to close the borders, travelers from Kerala, including Vallayar, were stranded. Only the essential passengers are transported to Tamil Nadu. Hospital warnings will be granted, and warned of further restrictions. KSRTC buses have been issued with vigilance in addition to private passenger vehicles. Travels via Adapady, Velanthavalam, Gopalapuram and Meenakshi Puram check posts in addition to Walaiyar.

Tamil Nadu Police, RTO and Health Department are conducting the inspection. Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Thanjavur Jagadeeswara Temple, Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Velankanni Matapalli and Nagur Dargah were shut down by the government last night. Everyone knows that a full-fledged travel ban is not practical. Therefore, the public is responsible for avoiding unnecessary travel and following government directives.

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