Kohli wins T20 Test Because this is | The reason behind india loss in cricket


Kohli wins T20 Test Because this is it


India surrendered in the ODI and Test series after a complete win in the Twenty20 series. The Kiwis predicted a slight upper hand for the Test series, but were unable to fight back.The Kiwis’ breakthrough in Test cricket was seen throughout the competition. The main reason for the heavy loss is the poor performance of the batsmen. It was the first time since the New Zealand series in 2003 that an Indian batsman could score a century in a Test series. The pace of the bowling has not gone up.

With the win, New Zealand were placed second in the ICC Test rankings. Coach Ravi Shastri said it was the best Indian team of the last 15 years. However, India won the Test series in England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, and Australia only.

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India’s highest opening partnership of 30 runs in four innings. The poor form of Captain Kohli was a blow to India. Kohli scored just 38 runs from four innings. Cricket lovers share the assessment that Rohit’s absence has affected the team.

The Indian paceman, who was hailed as the best in the world, took only 18 wickets in his innings. Meanwhile, the Kiwis took 19 wickets from Christchurch alone.

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First published: March 2, 2020

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