KLM last on the road with Boeing 747


The KL735 (departure time 10.40) to CuraƧao, KL713 (departure time 11.05) to Paramaribo and KL685 (departure time 14.35) to Mexico City are the last scheduled flights operated by KLM with the iconic 747. The three aircraft operating the flights will return home on Sunday. The KL686 from Mexico has the honor to arrive last at Schiphol, if everything goes according to plan.

KLM decided to phase out the 747 as a result of the corona crisis. In contrast to the farewell of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and the Fokker 70, no festivities are organized around the last flight of the 747, given the crisis.

The Boeing 747 will only be seen in KLM blue on cargo flights in the coming years, via the three freighters with which KLM (via Martinair Cargo) flies.

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