Jordan records 15 new cases of corona

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On Friday, the Jordanian government announced the registration of 15 new cases of the emerging coronaviruses “Covid 19”, bringing the total number to 84 cases.

Amman – Sputnik. The Jordanian Minister of Health Saad Jaber said during a press briefing on Friday evening, “15 new cases were recorded today for infected people, bringing the total number to 84 cases,” adding: “All cases are stable.”

The Jordanian government announced earlier today a curfew in the Kingdom to counter the spread of the Corona virus.

It should be noted that the Jordanian government announced yesterday, Friday, defense order No. 2, prohibiting the movement of people and their roaming in all regions of the Kingdom, as of Saturday morning.

The decision comes in light of the citizens ’failure to adhere to the previous government’s decision not to exit except for necessity, which was in accordance with measures taken by the Kingdom to counter the spread of the Corona virus.


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