Janssen Vaccines in Leiden chooses vaccine candidate against Covi …



The biopharmaceutical company Janssen Vaccines & Prevention immediately starts producing a vaccine against Covid-19. The company at the Bio Science Park in Leiden yesterday selected one of twelve vaccine candidates that seems the most promising.

Vaccine production may now become the parent company, U.S. pharma giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and an agency of the United States Department of Health to combine $ 907 million (one billion dollars) in research, development, and clinical research into stabbing.

It is noteworthy that Johnson & Johnson says it will start production at its own risk before the clinical investigation begins. That should start in the US in September. J&J previously announced that it wants to make between 100 and 300 million doses in Leiden. Now the company adds that they will be affordable and that the company will not have to make a profit, now that the global need is high.

Ambitious J&J wants to have corona vaccine available in January “for emergencies”

Corona 5: Emergencies

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