Janssen has nothing with the initiative of clubs and TV channels: ‘I don’t have to see’


Competitions on television and YouTube that are repeated? It doesn’t have to be so from Theo Janssen. Due to the corona crisis, football has come to a standstill and so broadcasters and clubs are creative by retransmitting matches. That produces many positive reactions, but Janssen does not like it.

“I no longer need to see games for which I already know the results. As beautiful as they have been, I think one time is enough”, Janssen tells VTBL. He takes Spain – Netherlands (1-5 in 2014) as an example. “Of course I thought Robin van Persie’s goal was fantastic. I enjoyed it, as did Daley Blind’s cross. Just the right speed, just the right direction, which made the keeper doubt. That was the pass of Wesley Sneijder on Arjen Robben also beautiful. ” Janssen enjoys those moments, but he cannot sit out an entire game.
He also does not look back on games of his own. “Partly because it has been, but also because I do not recognize myself, haha! At FC Twente, for example, I was at my fitness. Quite confronting to see.”
Janssen indicates to join the enthusiasm of the rest of the team. “If it has to come from myself, I still have trouble with it. I used to always come back six or seven kilos too heavy from vacation. That is a weakness of myself and I know that.”

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