Jan Jambon: “Tomorrow Security Council on corona measures, current measures will reasonably be extended”


The prime minister does not want to prejudge the facts. “Tomorrow we will see if there are more stringent measures. The specialists have always predicted that we will reach the peak this week. The measures we took were intended to smooth out the peak,” said Jambon.

“If a thousand people in our health system become ill over a period of ten weeks, our system will be able to cope well. If those thousand people become ill one day, our health care system will not be able to cope. That is the strategy that the specialists devised that our healthcare system can handle it. ”

The most important parameter for Jan Jambon is the number of people admitted to the intensive care department. “We have been able to expand the capacity to 2,600 or 2,700 beds. To manage the crisis, we are looking at whether we have sufficient capacity for intensive care. That is good for the time being.”

In “Today”, Jan Jambon does not yet want to comment on tighter measures. “The specialists will meet in the morning tomorrow. In the afternoon we will receive a report and possibly make proposals for stricter measures. I do not think that the current measures will be scaled back. That will be looked at tomorrow. measures are extended. ”

Watch the full conversation with Jan Jambon in “Today” here:

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