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Famous Levski fans Ivan Hristov and Andrey Arnaudov, who were part of the “Blue” board of directors a few years ago, announced at a special press conference that they are terminating the lawsuits against the club from Georgi Asparuhov Stadium.

So far, the two businessmen have claimed a sum of BGN 40,000 from the old management of the club.

Ivan and Andrey are also at the heart of the app, which allows Levski fans to buy subscription cards from anywhere in the world.

“We have to say that for two years there have been cases filed by us against Levski for the club’s debt to us in the amount of BGN 40,000, with the interest so far amounting to about BGN 60,000. A few years ago, we were part of the Board of Directors of Levski. We tried financially, when we can help financially, I don’t remember the amounts, I remember that we donated BGN 10,000 for one campaign, we paid other goodwill things. Apart from these donations, we had to give a loan of BGN 100,000, because we had to buy a fengmaz shop in the construction of sector A. This happened under the leadership of Ivo Tonev. We gave this loan, beyond the money we used to help bring good water. The club began to repay us the loan while this management was running the club. 60,000 were returned. After the change of leadership and the arrival of Spas Rusev and Krasimir Ivanov, the loan stopped paying. Now that Levski is in dire need of help and support, we want to set an example for all Levski players. We are giving up the money the club owes us and the interest. We hope to set an example that anyone can help their favorite club in any way, ”Andrey Arnaudov said.

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