It is going wild at Bavaria, hand alcohol from beer brand very popular


The idea of ​​converting ‘old’ beer into a product that is so in great need during this unprecedented crisis situation was born quickly. But actually doing it was a second.

Inverted world
That task is reserved for Wietse van den Boogaard. Brewer of Bavaria. And it is a strange sensation, such a reverse process. “It starts with tankers,” says Wietze. “They now go to the café to pump beer from the tank instead of in it. We now pump that beer from the bottom up. Back to the kettles to get the alcohol out of it.”

Because that’s exactly what happens. The beer that can no longer be sold in the pubs goes back into the brewing tank, to go through a whole process again. “Normally the installation is intended to produce alcohol-free beer. Then the beer is the main product and the alcohol the residual product. Now that is exactly the other way around.”

80% pure alcohol
Technically also one thing. Because the installations were not designed at all to distill 80% pure alcohol. Substantial adjustments have therefore been made to this. “But it all works and that’s great,” says Wietze.

Some products are then added to that pure alcohol in order to actually market it as hand alcohol. Glycerin against drying out the hands, for example. The bottles are now flying out of the brewery.

A huge crisis
Peer Swinkels tells how he was called by a director of the AMC in Amsterdam. “They only had hand alcohol there for four days. That makes you think.”

He does not hide the fact that Bavaria itself has a problem. “But there is a huge crisis going on and if you can contribute to a solution then you just have to do that.”

“Help a little”
The bottles that are now filled manually are distributed as quickly as possible to general practitioners and care homes in the area. But Bavaria also received help. The IFF from Tilburg will machine the hand alcohol from Bavaria in bottles by machine from Sunday. For free. And with that, production can go up considerably.

The days now look very different for brewer Wietse. “The world just looks very different now. I have been happy for a long time that we can help a little with this team in this crazy time.”

Are you a general practitioner or do you work in a nursing home where there is an urgent need for hand alcohol? Send a message to: [email protected]

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