Israeli exercises simulate dropping missiles on its internal front


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Today, Tuesday, the Israeli Home Front Command conducted security exercises to simulate the fall of rockets on the Israeli interior.

She reported The Hebrew Channel The “seventh”, this evening, Tuesday, that the IDF’s internal front conducted military maneuver or training in all educational institutions in Israel, to simulate the launch and fall of rockets and rocket-propelled grenades, and training on how to evacuate schools while Israel receives such rockets, and how to land students and students To shelters.

The Hebrew Channel confirmed on its website that the internal front conducted the security maneuver in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, during which warning systems were activated in all Israeli schools, except for the Gaza envelope.

The channel quoted an Israeli army spokesman that the training will provide important information for students and students in schools about how to act in the event of escalations – the Hebrew channel did not name them – and that security training in schools is part of the general training plan for 2020.

In the same context, the joint exercise between the Israeli and American armies, known as “Jennifer Cobra 2020”, was launched today, Tuesday morning.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Makan” confirmed, on Tuesday afternoon, that the military exercises “Jennifer Cobra 2020” take place every two years, and continue for a period of ten days, and is considered the tenth exercise between the two parties, Israeli and American, from the year 2000.

Israeli and American forces are training on possible scenarios of missile threats by simulating Israeli air defense systems “HITS 2” and “HITS 3” and the “David’s Slingshot” system, in addition to the Iron Dome in its modern version and a ballistic image management center in cooperation with the Home Front Command.

More than 2,500 soldiers from the European Army’s European Command will participate in the exercise, including more than 600 soldiers who will be trained in Israel, along with about a thousand soldiers from the Air Defense System, logistical and medical units, and other units of the Israeli army.


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