Is the era of luxury for soccer players ended?


The Coruna virus has struck most of the joints of life on Earth during the past few weeks, and its impact has reached almost all sectors, including the athlete.

Many measures were taken to confront the spread of the virus and its start was playing games with empty levels, to expand after that and stop sports competitions in all countries, and then postpone the most important competitions recorded on the international calendar, the most important of which is the European Nations Championship and Cuba and America and the Olympic Games.

These steps cast a shadow over sport in general and football in particular, as the money that has become the backbone of sport in the current era has taken a big blow to the cessation of sporting activity, as a result of great difficulties faced by the clubs represented by the size of salaries and large expenditures, in exchange for the cessation of resources completely during the current period.

Sports losses

It is not yet possible to estimate the losses resulting from the stoppage of competitions and sports tournaments, but it is certainly astronomical numbers, given the large investments and contracts in this field, and will cause significant long-term damage to sports.

On this issue, Sputnik contacted European sports journalist Emad Al-Amiri, who spoke about these losses: of course the losses have become so great, that some clubs have become threatened with real bankruptcy and the disappearance of the geography of world football, in the event that the European championships are not completed , As there are losses related to television broadcasting proceeds, which is the largest entry number for any club, there are losses related to tickets and shops.

Al-Amiri continues: All of this will have a very big impact on sports clubs, even with regard to dealing with players and the market purchasing power of players, and despite its decline, it will remain within the great financial crisis in which the clubs occurred, some clubs will not be able to enter the summer market in a large way or with the purchasing power itself. Because there are accounts related to players ’wages.

The Syrian journalist says: We are talking about a current struggle in the world between the voice of money and the human voice, the voice of money wants to complete tournaments in any way, while the human voice is ready even to cancel tournaments for the sake of everyone’s health.

He continues his speech: In other years we have witnessed a huge inflation in the numbers of players ’deals, and throughout history there have been nine players who crossed the hundred million threshold, and if we consider the Welsh Gareth Bell one of them as the unannounced figures say that it is one hundred and one million, then they will be only ten.

He notes: This summer, there were expected to be two or three players with more than a hundred million euros, but within the current financial crisis this threshold could not be crossed, on the contrary we can see much lower numbers, and perhaps this was the luck of some clubs That will keep its players, due to the inability of other clubs to buy them.

Also, the opinion of the Egyptian sports journalist Abdel-Azim Ragheb was in a dialogue with the “Sputnik” agency, which believes that the Corona virus has affected all parts of public life around the world, and has sparked exceptional decisions and complete paralysis in many sectors, such as the economic, technical, and other sectors, and the sports sector has been badly damaged. Especially football, he suspended all domestic leagues and continental competitions, and the latest unprecedented postponement of the most important international competitions.

Ragheb says: When we talk about material losses, they are very large, especially in the five major leagues, and we find the Arab region affected very significantly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and other countries that are at a lower level than the world leagues.

I give an example of this in England, where the losses exceeded the barrier of 150 million pounds, the clubs will incur only for the issue of stopping, and in the event of canceling the competitions, the losses will reach approximately 750 million pounds, and in a country like Italy you lose 28 million euros for each round that was frozen before stopping.

The Egyptian journalist continues to say: The real problem here is that the big clubs do not have, as they have fixed returns and multiple incomes from mass attendance and sponsorship contracts, but the smaller clubs will suffer more because there is no fixed income, and this is a disaster for them, because at this time it will not be able to pay the players ’salaries .

He continues: When talking about broadcasting revenues for tournaments, stopping will reduce the value of the competition in the coming years if the percentage of viewing decreases, and the Italian League has asked the government to compensate for the losses, which amounted to almost 720 million euros, as Italy is one of the countries most affected by a virus Sk.

He pointed out that postponing the Tokyo Olympics to 2021 will cost Japan a loss of 5.8 – 6.1 billion dollars, so clubs will lose and unions as well, and sports in general will lose from this crisis.

Player wages and deals

It is expected that these losses will be primarily reflected in the wages and contracts of the players, and to what extent these damages will be. Al-Amiri answers and says: We have seen that sports organizations, clubs and players have decided to make great sacrifices for the progress of the sporting process, and large tournaments have been postponed that it was not imagined to postpone One day, this required great sacrifice from everyone.

He continued: We read that some clubs want to reduce the fees of some players or deduct them during the break, to maintain the financial balance they have, for example also there is a conflict in the German League, where we heard a statement by the sports head of the Borussia Dortmund club and how he accuses clubs that they did not She takes precautions for any financial crisis that may arise, so he refused to help big clubs like Bayern Munich and Dortmund other clubs that suffer, including first-class clubs like Werder Bremen, who are at risk of bankruptcy if he does not complete the league.

Al-Amiri adds: We may witness individual sacrifices from the players for the clubs they play for, and there may be other players who may not be satisfied with such a sacrifice, and therefore who will sacrifice is the club and not the player, and will bear additional burdens, perhaps more, but any new contract I think that the annual fee will be taken Into consideration before completing any contract, perhaps within the next two or three years, until the financial affairs of football clubs are settled.

The journalist Abdel-Azim Ragheb also sees where he believes that the first affected are the players. He explains: With the deterioration of the economic situation, this will lead to the deterioration of the players ’exchange and the wages that these players receive. For the club, it will cut the wages of players and employees who consume 61% of the club’s budget.

For example: We now see that 42 clubs in Spain in the first and second grades will be reduced by 10%, in the event that the competition is resumed and not canceled, so what about cancellation? And the president of the Italian Federation confirmed that players ’salaries should be reduced between 20-30% of Current numbers.

He continues: When we talk about 4 clubs specifically, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and Al-Yufi, which are the largest clubs in the world, and include players from the highest level, Feryal Madrid for example wants to include Sanyo Mani, but the economic situation has stalled, and the next is he lost a big deal like Sadio Mani And Paris Saint-Germain wants to include Riad Mehrez, and other stars that big clubs want to include, and in light of the current economic situation, we can forget about such deals.

The media, Abdel-Azim Ragheb, adds: The crisis is for everyone, from small and large clubs and players, so the problem is one and what affects Barcelona affects Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain and other clubs, and if the salaries of the players are reduced, then Mohamed Salah, for example, if he wants to move in the current situation, he will move to a big club And these big clubs are facing an economic crisis and they have few resources, so how can they buy a player like Mohamed Salah?

He goes on: What applies to Mohamed Salah will apply to Messi and other players, and they will agree to reduce the value of their salary, and I can assure you that the major federations are Spanish, Italian, German and others working on agreements to determine the value of players, in order to keep the players inside the competitions, and to prevent players from moving Because of the current economic crisis.

Sports retreat

And whether this crisis will affect the various levels regarding football and international and local championships from, says European Football Journalist Emad Al-Amiri: I think that what we witnessed in Italy, for example, after the 2006 Calcio Poli scandal, is the same as what we will witness now. In any sports league, the English Premier League may be the least affected due to its high commercial value, but there will definitely be an impact.

He continues: Football will decline in the world and Europe specifically in financial and economic terms, as we witnessed the Italian clubs did not have the purchasing power to compete at the level of Europe, for 10 years until it recovered almost two or three years ago, specifically not Juventus, and not all Italian clubs.

Al-Amiri adds: Yes, there will be great tremors for many clubs, and there will be clubs that have to sell their players, perhaps in bulk, in order to maintain their financial balance, and as we know that there are maybe clubs, Ajax, Eindhoven and Porto used to be like a supermarket, and now maybe there are other clubs that play This role.

On the technical level of football, the Syrian journalist says: As for the technical level, of course, it will be affected. , In complete absence of Brazil and Argentina.

He continues: On this basis we see that the future is for the players’ industry and not for their talent, and with this stopping we will also see a greater decline, there are some players that may be larger with the coming year, whoever talks about the Super Stars in the football world talks about Messi and Ronaldo and perhaps Neymar, but far away these There is a big gap with the rest of the players, so it is mainly affected and will be affected more in the coming years.

While journalist Abdel-Azim Ragheb expects that the effects on football will be very large and negative, and clarify his intention: There are very large future consequences due to the Corona virus. There are contracts linking clubs and federations to the owners of broadcasting rights, and this crisis will reduce broadcasting rights, and in the year Next all tournaments will decrease in market value, so there will be a crisis that will affect salaries and returns.

He continues: There is also the issue of player contracts that will expire on June 31, and if the season is completed after June, what will the clubs do with players whose contracts expire, will the contracts be extended to a short period to the end of the season, or will they be forced to abandon their players The rest of the season.

Ragheb added: We are in an unknown season, so how will we know who are the champions of the competitions, who are qualified for the next rounds, and who are descending to the lower levels, and this makes the game federations in front of a real dilemma, so I think the era of luxury clubs is over, and the major clubs are now planning to change the criteria Transfer market.

As for technically, all clubs prevented training without exception, and it is impossible for any player to commit to training at home as in the club, in addition to the lack of training tools and his presence alongside his wife and children, which makes this a period of negative and not positive rest, and this is what affects The players have a lot to do, and in order for the players to return to their level they need a 3-week period of training.

The Egyptian journalist concludes his speech by saying: There is also an important point is that the clubs of the second and third tiers began laying off coaches, in order to reduce expenses, and this will lead to tournaments without coaches and players without training, and this will definitely lead to a decline in the technical level of all tournaments.


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