In Tilburg hospital, 20 of the 100 corona patients died. That is very average –


One fifth of the corona patients admitted to the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg died from the effects of the virus. That was what doctor-microbiologist and virologist Jean-Luc Murk told Jinek last night.

In the talk show, Murk gave a picture of the first 100 patients, of whom 20 died. Their average age was 72 years and two thirds were male. The death rate is not surprising. It corresponds to the figures in Italy.

It has long been known that men are more severely affected by the coronavirus. “One thing that stands out is that men are apparently more prone to serious infections than women,” said Murk. “I do have the idea, although that is not my profession, that men are more susceptible to respiratory problems than women. Maybe because they smoke more, on average. ”

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