In full containment, wild boars and fennecs have resumed their rights in Morocco


Imposed on men since March 20, confinement benefits animals who reclaim nature, whether in urban areas or in the desert. Wild boars and fennecs have reappeared and give their heart to wander as they see fit.

All over the world, confinement requires, wildlife is resuming its rights, such as in Italy in Venice with the dolphins that we have seen in the canals. In Morocco, whether in the desert or in an urban environment, since the start of the coronavirus crisis and traffic restrictions, animals seem to be reclaiming certain spaces.

In the Riad district of Rabat, wild boars are found between the residential villas. Aziz Daouda, a former Moroccan athlete, was surprised to come across him on his way to a TV show. He thus photographed wild boars who were walking, taking advantage of the serenity of the avenues and boulevards deserted by cars!

This is the first time that these animals have wandered calmly and in broad daylight between the houses. Usually wild boars, which come from the adjoining forest, only make brief appearances in urban areas. This new habit has raised some concerns among the population of the neighborhood. In fact, most of the animals, in the videos shared by residents, went so far as to suddenly cross the road at night, which can cause accidents.

In early January, the Federation of the Democratic Left had sounded the alarm, within the City Council, to alert the High Commission for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification.

In response to this alert, the Department of Water and Forests had not been long in publishing a press release to specify that the zone of Dar Essalam and the district of Riad were already classified as “black spots”. A classification which pushes the authorities to organize, each year, beatings in order to regulate the populations of wild boars.

After the tourists, the fennecs

Wild boars are not the only ones to benefit from the absence of Man in public space. Far from Rabat, in the middle of the desert in Merzouga (a small Saharan village located in the south-east of the country), it is the fennecs who are making their reappearance.
Known to reside in North Africa, especially in Algeria, fennecs were becoming increasingly rare between the dunes of Merzouga. And for good reason: the sound of quads used by tourists or the recurrent installation of bivouacs made them flee.

With the closure of the borders and the announcement of the state of health emergency, tourists were quick to desert summering places like Merzouga which, recently, could see the reappearance of its first inhabitants, who came to enjoy the landscape lunar. Who said the tourist season was compromised?


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