“Image” recommends dubious corona test company: Public prosecutor should now investigate – media


In one of “Image. de “Interview published in mid-March, a company“ Medi.Lab ”offered visitors a Corona quick test for 249 euros and a result within 48 hours by post.

The German edition of the US magazine “Vice” went and came to the conclusion that it is a dubious company that wants to make money from people’s ignorance.
According to research by the “Vice”, the picture emerges of a highly suspicious company that should not be relied on when it comes to health issues. Important information would be missing on their website, the photos were largely stolen from the Internet, the offer changes several times within a few days, the article said.

In addition, the Founder- an ex-playmate and a pilot – no experience in the medical field to have.

Up until the time of the article’s publication, the company had not been able to provide a credible explanation of how its tests were supposed to work – and who evaluated them. According to Vice, medical laboratories express considerable doubts about the reliability of the offer or deny cooperation. After a corresponding note, the trade inspectorate would have first researched, which has now handed the case over to the Hanover public prosecutor’s office.

“So we handed the case over to the responsible public prosecutor’s office because of the initial suspicion of attempted fraud,” said Uwe Licht-Klagge from the trade inspectorate to “Vice”.

The multiple requests for comment from “Medi.Lab” remained unanswered, it was said. The company also did not answer the question of how their offer fulfills the transport requirements.

What role does “image” play?

Not all of them, but many of these inconsistencies were already evident when “Bild” interviewed Jessica Czakon, a “co-founder” of the company, wrote the “Vice”. Axel Springer Verlag wrote about “Bild” Corona Spezial, which also broadcasts “Bild” on Sat1 on TV, offering “important classification in uncertain times”.

However, the video about Corona rapid tests does not offer classification or give official recommendations, but acts like advertising, the magazine summarizes. According to the accusation, Czakon was allowed to present their product without contradiction or critical questions.

On March 23, “Vice” asked the “Bild” presenter how she or her editors had verified the information, but received no response.

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