‘I’m not sad, angry’; Tara Kalyan blasts people for committing suicide


KARACHI: Actress and dancer Tara Kalyan has reacted strongly to the social media attack on her. Tara’s daughter, dancer Soubhagya Venkitesh, has taken to the stage after a video was taken of her.

They are going to treat women with dignity. Is going to get real freedom. I’m not sad, angry. This can only happen if someone like me responds … social media belongs to you and me. Tara Kalyan responded to Asianet News Online that it would be ‘Pewert’ media.

Tara Kalyan, meanwhile, said he was yet to consider filing a complaint with the police or cyber cell. Earlier, Tara Kalyan had reacted against those who committed suicide through social media.

“Now a photo of me on social media is going viral. There are also those who enjoy the comment below. But did you know the background of the film, that Bhagavan was accompanied by Guruvayurappan because he did not have the courage to perform my daughter’s wedding alone? A video clip of that wedding was taken and the picture went viral. Ask Mahan, who made it viral, is your mind stone? Don’t you have a mother at home? Is this how you were brought up? The person I am will not forgive you for this birth. Don’t let my mother fall into my trap … ” Tara Kalyan responded via social media.

The wedding of Soubhagya took place on February 20 at the Guruvayur Temple. Tarakalian is the wife of the late actor Rajaram. Her mother Subbulakshmi is also an actress.

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