“He is and will remain gold for PSV,” team manager Mart van den Heuvel takes a step back


Whoever you speak to or call about Mart van den Heuvel: no one will speak badly of the 67-year-old PSV club man. Terms such as “amiable”, “helpful” and “friendly” are often mentioned when you ask former colleagues about Mart’s character.

We even lived together for a while.

“I knew he sometimes thought of taking a step back, so it didn’t really come as a surprise to me,” said former PSV player Tommie van der Leegte. The former midfielder has a good relationship with Mart and says he knows “very well”. “We even lived together for a while,” he says. “He had a relationship with my mom for a year when I was about sixteen, so I know him, yes.”

Gerald Vanenburg experienced Mart van den Heuvel in his early years at PSV. In 1985 Van den Heuvel started as a masseur for the first of PSV. Vanenburg came a year later. “Then, of course, his role was completely different than now,” says the former attacker. “He was a quiet guy at the time who was not really outspoken. We sometimes fooled with him, but it wasn’t really that we came to him with our problems, as you often see in football. ”

He is a really great man.

Even so, Vanenburg already saw that Van den Heuvel could stay with PSV for a long time. “I already had that idea, yes. He wanted so badly, is a real Brabander and you noticed from everything that PSV was already his club at the time. ”

“He has always been very normal,” says Willy van de Kerkhof, who saw Van den Heuvel take his first steps at PSV. “He is really a great man. He has really developed over the years as someone who players can always turn to. He completely enforced that himself. ”

Many a player ran and walks away with the current PSV team manager. But why is that? “Among other things, he guides the new players upon arrival in Eindhoven. He helps them find a house and even tries to help the players’ women where necessary, ”says Van der Leegte. “He makes sure that the players feel at home quickly. That they arrive in a warm bath. ”

He effaces himself for others and that is a fantastic quality.

PSV and Van den Heuvel announced on Sunday that the marriage between the two is certainly not over yet. Van den Heuvel will be retained for the club and will continue to guide the players. The Geldroppenaar will also go along to any European matches.

“And it is a good thing that such a club icon is preserved for PSV,” says Willy van de Kerkhof. And Vanenburg agrees. “Someone like Van den Heuvel is and will always be worth gold for a football club. He effaces himself for others and that is a fantastic quality. ”

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