He disguises himself as a dog to go out on the street in full confinement – photo



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A Spaniard disguised himself as a dog and walked on all fours in the deserted streets of the city of Toledo while the country is confined as part of the fight against the Covid-19. Indignant Spaniards reportedly reported this behavior to the city authorities.

While many countries are confined to fighting the spread of the coronavirus, some people are trying to escape isolation. A Spaniard thus found a strange way to get out of his house without being arrested: disguised as a dog, he wandered the streets.

A witness shared a photo of this scene on Twitter. You can see the individual walking on all fours in the deserted streets of Toledo.

The picture provoked many reactions. Some users were amused, others did not hesitate to express their anger.

According to media Todo Noticias, indignant Spaniards have reported this behavior to the city authorities.

The spread of the coronavirus in Spain

Spain is one of the countries most affected by Covid-19. According to the latest assessment, more than 65,700 people were infected and more than 5,100 died.


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