Goldman sings for caregivers and workers – video


Jean-Jacques Goldman comes out of his reserve in a video tribute to caregivers and field workers in the middle of coronavirus, the words of his tube “He changed life” becoming “They save lives”, according to AFP.

This musical message quickly went viral. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron thus retweeted the message “Thank you Jean-Jacques Goldman” posted by the cellist Gautier Capuçon (Renaud, violinist, is his brother).

The National Gendarmerie Twitter account also welcomed the fact that the star, so discreet in recent years, “gives voice to thank the services mobilized during the Covid-19”.

“I was thrilled to discover this video,” tweeted singer Christophe Willem, while Benoît Hamon, PS candidate for the last presidential election, also liked on social networks the clip of the one who is still the favorite personality French people despite the media diet that it has imposed for several years.

It must be said that this clip is a small event, since the author of “I give you”, 68, has not sang solo since 2002.
The author of “Il Suffira d’une sign” sent this homemade video to a friend who produced the artists who are members of Les Enfoirés, so that she could share it with the troupe of Restos du Coeur, Le Parisien said. And singer Nolwenn Leroy posted it on her Instagram account.

Song dedicated to caregivers

Facing the camera, glasses on his nose, red t-shirt under blue shirt, Goldman sings to the original music of the single released in 1988, first published in 1987 on the album “Between light gray and dark gray”. The lyrics have been brought up to date: “And far from beautiful speeches, great theories, their task, every day, without even waiting for a thank you, they save lives”.

In this new version, it is first addressed to “doctors, stretcher bearers, nursing assistants, nurses” but also then to “security agents”, or even to “cashiers, garbage collectors, truck drivers, letter carriers, peasants”, etc. , or all those who continue to work during the pandemic.

At the end of this 2 minute 39 second title, he also thanked by speaking “bakers, politicians”, “railway workers, soldiers, ambulances, taxis”, etc. And to conclude, moved: “the researchers will find, but they need all of us, so be careful”.

The initiatives of the musical world are multiplying in favor of the nursing staff. Calogero has thus recorded a new title “We act as if”, which will be available this Thursday and whose “rights and revenues” will be donated “to caregivers”, as he announced on his Facebook account.


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