Goalkeeper flees from South Africa: ‘Here can be a disaster’


“I have had my contract with Stellenbosch dissolved. My family and I really want to go to the Netherlands. We will take one of the last flights back tonight, if it is not the last. We do not want to take the risk that we have six months or more It is impossible to predict how the virus will develop, because in the slums of South Africa people live close together and they have no money for medicines, vitamins or hygienic aids. to beat up. ”

“In South Africa there is a big difference between the rich and the poor. The rich can go to the private hospitals, the rest is handed over to the government hospitals, where there are far fewer beds and respirators. It can end in disaster.”

“Yesterday people still came together here and the restaurants were open. Just like in the Netherlands, many thought: ‘it will be okay’ and people went out. The number of contamination has remained low for a long time, but now it is skyrocketing. The panic has increased, which is why the country will go into one tomorrow lock down. Then we could choose to stay here or return. ”

“The South African league ended last week and will be shut down until April 16. They hope to resume and be ready before the end of June. But I think there will be no football anymore. No one has been tested at the club. However, We measured the temperature and we had to fill in a questionnaire. No one showed any symptoms. In my immediate environment, my family, no infections. Fortunately. ”

“It is very double to leave. We had a great time here. South Africa is a fantastic country. We lived just outside Cape Town and saw such beautiful things … We didn’t miss the Netherlands as a country, but our friends and of course family. That’s why we wanted to go home while we can. It is a shame that it should end like this, but there are more important things than football now: health. ”

“The Netherlands is currently in worse shape than South Africa. We had Dutch TV, so we were able to follow everything. I am aware of the numbers. But they don’t know what to expect here. I hope we in the Netherlands may have reached the peak or are almost there. ”

“When we land at Schiphol tomorrow, my parents will be waiting for us. They can come with two cars, because we have seven suitcases with us, haha! No, we should indeed not fall into each other’s arms (De Jong played since last years summer for Stellenbosch, ed.) Keep a distance eh. ”

“When the virus has stopped, I will also look at a new club again. The Netherlands, another European country or another adventure further away. I am open to everything. I am not busy with that now. and stay healthy. ”

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