German Foreign Minister Maas: We will not allow Turkey to blackmail him with asylum seekers


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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the European Union (EU) is ready to help refugees in Turkey, but would not tolerate the use as a tool of political repression, he said.

Speaking to the press after a meeting with EU countries via video conferences with foreign ministers, Maas said:situation in Syria, Idlib and we held intensive negotiations between the EU-Turkey agreement on asylum seekers”He said.

Stating that additional humanitarian aid is being evaluated in the direction of Idlib, the German minister said, “There is a ceasefire already, and we should use it to deliver humanitarian aid to approximately 1 million people in Idlib.”

that they continue to adhere to the obligations of the asylum agreement with Turkey Maas, “but we think Turkey should do the same. We will not accept and accept the use of desperate people, asylum seekers as a means of political oppression. ”

Maas, they also give up its aid to Turkey, he added.


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