French army fights against coronavirus: soldiers land on the street in Paris


Sputnik Turkey–fransa-ordusu-koronaviruse-karsi-savasiyor-pariste-askerler-sokaga-indi/

In France, where the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 6,500 and the loss of life increased to 148, soldiers are on the streets in different cities of the country for measures against the epidemic.

The French administration is strengthening its military presence in many cities of the country, especially its capital, Paris. In the country, prior to the announcement of the state of emergency, curfew and closure of the borders, a measure to take the soldiers down was needed.

Images from French cities are shared on Twitter. The images show military equipment moving on the streets and streets of the cities.

The sharing of images on social media caused public concern.

In France, all public areas and trade centers, except for markets and pharmacies, were closed as part of the measures against coronavirus.

Due to the epidemic, 148 people have died in the country so far, the number of confirmed cases has increased to 6 thousand 655.


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