‘Forgotten footballer’ gets gram at Ajax: ‘Now people think: he wasn’t that bad’


Dani de Wit has heard ‘remarkably often’ last week that Ajax has sold it to AZ too quickly. The 22-year-old midfielder regards that as a compliment.

“Of course it also had to do with the defeat of Ajax (0-2, ed.), But most of all I think I played a very good match in the ArenA,” De Wit responds. The Telegraph. In Amsterdam he said he was ‘a forgotten footballer’. “I was not one of the best eleven at Ajax, but I accepted my role.”
Yet he did have the feeling that he had a share in last season’s national title. “I trained with those guys every day, she cheered up. And I also fell in a few times. But I’m happy that I have a completely different role as a basic player. This role gives much more satisfaction.”
Last summer, AZ paid a sloppy two million euros to Ajax for De Wit. “But now that an incredible amount of selection is being made at Ajax and so many other boys have been brought, people think: he wasn’t that bad yet. That boy could have been standing here.”
De Wit is a fixed value at AZ. In 22 league games, he scored three goals.

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