Folding @ home’s power to fight COVID-19 exceeds 1 exofflop


This month on the distributed computing network [email protected] several more promising projects have been added to combat the new coronavirus. These days, the popular PCMasterRace enthusiast community from Reddit joined the initiative, and then Nvidia announced its participation in the project. Against this background, the network has grown to an unprecedented size, and its processing power has become extraordinary.

Administrators of [email protected] reported that distributed network computing power exceeded one exofflop. That meaning corresponds per quintillion calculations per second – 1018 calculations or a million trillions. That’s ten times the computing power of the world’s fastest Summit supercomputer, featuring 9216 IBM POWER9 22-core processors plus 27,648 Nvidia Tesla V100 accelerators. In addition, the total computing power of the top 100 supercomputers worldwide is less than 1 exaflop.

Interestingly, the influx of users who want to get involved in the project is so large that the individual subprojects that are sent to users began to fall short. Coordinators of [email protected] they are considering splitting tasks that are solved by the network into even smaller blocks.

The whole world began to coalesce [email protected]to help fight the new coronavirus. Thanks to this, scientists were given the opportunity to investigate very quickly variants of possible drugs and vaccines against COVID-19.

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