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Investigators say there are still links in the Kakkanad Flood Relief Fund Fraud Network. Vishnu Prasad, the prime accused in the custody of the accused, was interrogated by the crime branch.

Though investigators are not entirely sure of Vishnu’s revelation, the decision will be taken based on available information. The Crime Branch is investigating the persons mentioned by Vishnu. Although only an LD clerk in the district administration, the relief fund distribution unit was under the direct control of Vishnu. Vishnu’s strategy was to take advantage of this.

According to sources, Vishnu has said that there was a serious lapse in the handling of the flood relief fund in the Collectorate. The Superintendent and Deputy Collector have not seen many files. Investigators conclude that oversight is a serious problem in collecting files in the Collectorate. Removal of statutory files in the Collectorate has to be done in four stages. It was found that most of the files related to the post-flood procedures did not follow this procedure.

The file written by the clerk shall be reviewed by the Junior Superintendent and reported to the Deputy Collector. The Deputy Collector is responsible for making the file blameless and submitting it to the Collector. But it is reported that the clerk submitted several files directly to the collector of the Flood Relief Fund. These files have been signed by the Collector in case of an emergency.

Police raid Mahesh’s residence

An investigation team yesterday raided the house of B. Mahesh of Kakkanad in Kollam who was arrested in connection with the flood relief fund scam. Only a few bank pass books were received. Mahesh explained that all other documents including identity cards were taken to Kollam home.

Mahesh told the police that he was threatened when he was found guilty of a fraud case. Mahesh also said that he does not know where his wife Neetu is likely to be arrested. Police are also searching for Neetu, the absconding Anwar and his wife Koulat. Anwar will not surrender until a pre-bail hearing is decided. Kaulum is likely to wait until then.

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