First deaths in Singapore, the exemplary country of the fight against coronavirus


Singapore, which is among the exemplary countries of the fight against coronavirus pandemic, gave its first casualties.

Two people died in the Southeast Asian country of Singapore due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong stated that one of the people who died was a 75-year-old Singapore woman and the other a 64-year-old Indonesian citizen.

385 Kovid-19 cases have been seen in Singapore so far.

Meanwhile, it was announced that the first new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) was detected in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the southwestern Pacific country.

Prime Minister James Marape announced that the country’s first case of Kovid-19 was detected in the mine worker in his 40s, who returned from Singapore to Singapore with PNG.

Noting that this person was isolated after the second test was positive, Marape said, “We made two tests to be sure. The first test was negative, but it was not certain. But a second test was positive,” he shared.

Emphasizing that they will take a series of measures in the country with the emergence of the first case that did not reveal their identity, Marape stated that foreign nationals will not be allowed to enter the country for a week from the market in order to complete the preparations for the medical teams and hospitals.

The first coronavirus cases were detected in the island country of Western Africa, Kabo Verde and Niger.

Kabo Verde Ministry of Health announced that a 62-year-old British citizen who traveled to the country on March 9 had cough, shortness of breath and high fever on March 16, and the condition of the patient who was treated after the test was positive was stable.

Kabo Verde stopped all international flights until April 9.

In a statement from the Ministry of Health of Niger, it was stated that a coronavirus was detected in a 36-year-old Nigerian citizen who passed through Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

While the Niger government postponed all international meetings in the capital Niamey in order to prevent the outbreak from spreading in the country, all schools, including universities, were vacationed, international passenger flights were suspended, land borders were closed.

While the Muslim Scholars’ Association announced that the mosques including Friday prayers will be suspended, the Bishops Delegation announced that there will be no mass rites in churches for a while.


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