FIFA Statement: Clubs and players may refuse international football


Under the current circumstances, players and clubs may refuse international football. FIFA announced this on Friday. Now that the corona virus is occupying the world, the world football association takes no risks.

Normally clubs are obliged to give up their players for international football. If they fail to do so, sanctions will follow. For example, a player may not play for his club for a certain time. FIFA now recognizes that the safety and health of players is the most important thing at the moment and is therefore temporarily adjusting its own rules.

In a statement, FIFA states that clubs are not obliged to relinquish their players for international football. If the club does let the player go, the player can also refuse his selection for his country without any problems. The club and the player do not have to fear punishment if they refuse.
The measure applies during the international periods in March and April. The Netherlands would play against Spain and the United States this month. Those duels are canceled.

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