Federal budget: More than a fifth of the investments flow into the world


According to calculations by the FDP faction, more than a fifth of the federal government’s record investments do not flow into streets, hospitals and other infrastructure in Germany, but abroad. With total investments of around 43 billion euros, this is around 8.86 billion in the current budget.

The largest items include Contributions to the European Development Fund and the European Space Agency ESA. The calculations were available to the German Press Agency (dpa).

FDP housekeeper Otto Fricke criticized that Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) repeatedly stressed that he wanted record investments stabilize the economic situation in Germany. “If you boast about increasing the country’s investment rate, you should first know how many of the funds will actually arrive in Germany before staging yourself as a record investor in the media,” said Fricke of dpa.

Talks about additional investments expected

At the coalition committee on Sunday, the leaders of the Union and SPD want to talk, among other things, about whether federal investments are increased and how the record surpluses are used in the federal budget. A working group with, among others, SPD leader Norbert Walter-Borjans should make suggestions.

According to reports, it is about additional investments totaling 12 billion euros, spread over three years. In addition, there should be talk of a volume of five billion to strengthen growth. The Union has long called for corporate tax reform. Another topic will be how the high electricity prices can be reduced through the EEG surcharge.

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