FARC Dissidents Attack Police in Southwest Colombia | Video



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BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Police stations in four municipalities in the department of Cauca (southwest) were harassed in the early hours of March 26 with bursts of rifles and explosives by dissidents of the former FARC guerilla, as reported by the inhabitants of the populations.

The harassment took place “in various municipalities of Cauca, such as Corinto, Toribío, Totoró and Caldono”, and according to witnesses, who even transmitted the events in real time through social networks, “rifle bursts and loud explosions were heard “as published by the local virtual media Proclama del Cauca.

The commander of the Specific Command of the Army of Cauca, General Marco Mayorga, explained that there were no damages to the population or to the personnel of the National Police, which was the object of the attacks, according to statements published on the website of the radio station W Radio. .

The authorities also reported that in the neighboring township of Mondomo, on the Pan-American highway, an explosive device was found They deactivated in a controlled manner without causing damage to the highway, while another explosive was found near that place, in the town of Puerto Tejada.

According to the authorities, the action was carried out by the Dagoberto Ramos structure in commemoration of the death of Manuel Marulanda Vélez, known as ‘Tirofijo’ (1930-2008), founder of the former FARC guerilla.


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