Fans: “More than 5 races are canceled or moved by coronavirus”


The coronavirus has a strong hold on the world and Formula 1 is also experiencing the consequences of the flu-like phenomenon. Different races, especially at the start of the calendar, are under pressure. According to the visitors of GPFans, more than five games will be bothered by the corona virus.

The coronavirus broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has spread rapidly around the world ever since. Although the disease hardly causes fatalities as a percentage, the authorities do not take any risks. Many events are canceled and several countries choose to keep people from risk areas at the border. Bahrain, for example, has announced that it will no longer allow aircraft from Dubai to land on its territory until further notice. Formula 1 also suffers from all these measures and various races are therefore under pressure. It cannot be excluded that different races will be canceled or moved.

In an earlier article we wrote about the races that are under pressure from the corona virus. For example, it is still doubtful whether the season opener in Australia can go ahead and there are at least such big question marks behind the races of Bahrain and Vietnam. In a poll we asked our visitors for their opinion about the impact of the corona virus on the different races of the Formula 1 calendar. More than 1300 people shed their light on the situation and a large proportion fear the worst. They think that a good number of races will suffer from the situation around the corona virus.

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No less than 34 percent of GPFans visitors indicate that they expect more than 5 races to suffer from the impact of the corona virus. They think that the Grand Prix of China is not going to be the only race to be moved or canceled. Another large group, 31 percent, is a lot more optimistic and thinks it will stay with the Chinese Grand Prix. They do not expect other competitions to suffer from the presence of the corona virus.

About a quarter of the voters, 27 percent, indicate that they expect about 2 to 3 changes to the Formula 1 calendar. They think that in addition to China, two or three races will become the victims of the corona virus. Bahrain and Vietnam seem the most obvious. 8 percent of the visitors think that the coronavirus will have an impact on around four or five races.

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