EU calls for ceasefire in Syria over coronavirus


Sputnik Turkey

The European Union (EU) called for an immediate ceasefire in Syria, taking into account the coronavirus epidemic.

High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Relations and Security Policies Josep BorrellThe current ceasefire in Idlib was considered fragile in a written statement from the office of Istanbul.

In the statement, which emphasized the need to protect the ceasefire in Idlib and expand it to the whole country, it was stated that the ending of the conflict in the country is also necessary due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In the statement, the Special Representative of the EU to the United Nations (UN) Syria Geir O. PedersenStating that it supports the ceasefire call, Syria was also asked to release a large number of prisoners.

Pedersen, “Today, I am calling for a full and urgent ceasefire in all of Syria to make a zealous effort to suppress Covid-19.” He stated that Syrians were vulnerable to the epidemic.


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