Erdogan spoke at the G20 Leaders Extraordinary Summit, attended by video conferencing


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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, coronavirus outbreak of everyone “in our religion, our language, our country is different, even if the common fate of all of us.” Stating that he reminds the truth, he said, “None of us have the luxury of implementing protectionist and unilateral policies.” said.

G20 Leaders Extraordinary Summit, new type coronaviruses (Kovid-19) was realized with the video conference method with its agenda.

President Erdoğan, who attended the summit from the Huber Mansion in Tarabya, said in his speech that the coronavirus epidemic affected human life and economic stability negatively and passed through a very painful period.

Erdogan expressed his regret for the loss of life due to the epidemic and offered his gratitude to all healthcare professionals working devotedly.

That Turkey closely followed the case from the outset and the necessary measures that Erdogan had rapidly life has continued as follows:

“While at the beginning of work, we established a Science Committee within our Ministry of Health and put the decisions taken here immediately. Our economic management also announced serious support for every segment from tradesmen to exporters. In addition, we continue our efforts to develop vaccines and medicines with the production of diagnostic kits against coronavirus. and we are trying our best not to leave the sister countries alone during these troubled days. An international trade system based on rules will play a major role in reducing the effects of the measures we take in relation to the epidemic. It is important that it encourages yumlu and international cooperation. ”

Erdogan stated that the control of the epidemic and the knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of the disease should be shared, and that the coronavirus epidemic once again demonstrates the importance of the spirit of cooperation and compromise of the G20.

Stating that it is imperative to be a guide, to take responsibility and to show cooperation on a global scale, Erdogan said:

“We should act as soon as we did during the global financial crisis and we should make a joint effort to establish global trust. The swap agreements between central banks need to be expanded to cover all members of the G20. If we continue with all kinds of unilateral steps, it is inevitable that we will enter a new process that will negatively affect the entire global trade. “

President Erdoğan stated that even many developed countries have serious difficulties in combating the epidemic, and that the health systems of their countries affected by conflicts and wars have completely collapsed.

Emphasizing that forced displaced persons, especially Syrian refugees, constitute the most disadvantaged people in the face of the epidemic, Erdogan said that humanitarian funding sources should be mobilized for the regions affected by the war and the communities at risk.

‘I care about helping Africa’

Erdogan said that a working group on this subject can be formed within the G20 and said:

“Meanwhile I to of developing countries and in particular I would like to express that I care about the conditions for the aid to Africa. This virus pose a threat to us all at the same time we have to, I want to point out that humanity has given a common enemy against a public gathering opportunity. This disaster across the Turkey As always, we are ready to act in solidarity and cooperation, I invite all countries to participate in the fight against this global health crisis fairly until all of humanity breathes in comfort. I wish the summit results to be beneficial for our countries and the world. I would. “


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