Entrepreneurs have to pay a lot for corona support from the government Undertake


Chairman Hans Biesheuvel of Ondernemend Nederland (ONL) thinks it is a ‘bad signal’ and calls on BNR Nieuwsradio to call on the government to abolish the commission.

It concerns the BMKB scheme that has recently been expanded considerably to prevent companies from falling over. “Then it is not appropriate if an entrepreneur has to pay a few thousand euros to the State,” Biesheuvel told BNR. “They cannot use those thousands of euros to pull their company through the crisis.”

Deeper in debt

It is possible for an entrepreneur to co-finance the commission. But according to Biesheuvel the problem is not solved. “You only put companies deeper into debt. Many companies are uncertain about the future, especially those who are experiencing acute liquidity problems. Those entrepreneurs don’t even know if they can repay that money later. ”

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