emraan hashmi tweet: ‘It is the people who ate the bats that caused this condition’! Controversial Imran Hashmi’s tweet – All this because some person wants to go miles away from eating a bat, emraan hashmi’s tweet on covid 19 goes viral


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Imran Hashmi tweeted

The actor tweeted that the coronation was attributed to the Chinese’s strange eating habits. Imran Hashmi tweeted, “This is the result of a group of people feeding strange creatures like bats that are thousands of miles away.”

In favor of and against the tweet

A lot of people have come out in support of the star’s tweet. In addition, many Chinese people have come out against him. Some have even shared videos of cooking in China to validate the star’s tweet.

He is the star of the Tigers

Recently, the American magazine National Review has criticized China for failing to disclose accurate information on the spread of coronavirus.

Lots of people taking over the tweet

Some people have taken this tweet by reading it. Many celebrities, including Hollywood celebrities, have already been diagnosed with coronavirus. Over twenty-five thousand deaths have already been reported worldwide.

Web Title All this because some person wants miles away from eating a bat, emraan hashmi’s tweet on covid 19 goes viral

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