Egypt … 54 new cases of coronavirus registered, the total number increased

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The incidence of newborn coronavirus in Egypt rose to 456 after 54 cases were recorded today, while one death was recorded, raising the deaths to 21 deaths.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced in a statement, this evening, Wednesday, that 54 new cases have been recorded that have positive laboratory analyzes of the virus, all of them are Egyptians, and they are in contact with positive cases that have been discovered and announced in advance, as part of the ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures, according to WHO guidelines. ”

The statement indicated, “The death of a 63-year-old Egyptian citizen from Menoufia Governorate.”

The total number of cases that were registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until today, Wednesday, is 456 cases, including 95 cases that were cured and discharged from the isolation hospital, and 21 deaths.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of coronavirus infections worldwide reached about 423 thousand cases as of Wednesday morning, an increase of more than 40 thousand cases compared to yesterday. The data also showed that the number of people recovering is close to 110 thousand, and that the number of deaths is close to 19 alpha.


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