Ecuador will suspend flights to repatriate compatriots


QUITO (Sputnik) – Ecuador will reschedule the repatriation flights of its compatriots, due to breaches of the mandatory isolation measures by those who came from abroad by the same route, reported the Minister of Government, MarĂ­a Paula Romo.

“The flights are going to be suspended; we have many cases that arrive in Ecuador, want to go to other provinces, have obtained safe passages that do not correspond to move to other provinces, refuse to comply with the provisions of the COE (Committee of Emergency Operations) and the instructions and we cannot take that risk, “said Romo.

The minister added that humanitarian flights are not going to be closed, but said that calendars and order must be followed.
According to the minister, since the humanitarian flights were authorized, the experience “has not been a good one” since many of the people who returned to Ecuador breached the obligatory isolation to which they committed themselves.

In the next few days, said Romo, the flights that were already authorized will be carried out both to enable the return of ecuadorians abroad for foreigners to leave the South American country.

Romo reported that 11 of the 12 people who arrived in Ecuador last week in a plane not authorized for this purpose have COVID-19.
Said plane, which arrived from Houston, was authorized to enter Ecuador only with crew to carry Americans who wanted to return to their country; however, he arrived in Quito with Ecuadorians.
Given this, humanitarian flights will be suspended until the quarantine of those who have already arrived in the country ends.

According to the Ecuadorian government, 691 Ecuadorians have already returned to your country on special flights.

Those who arrive in this way are obliged to isolate themselves for 14 days in designated lodging sites for the purpose in the capital of Ecuador.

The Emergency Operations Committee (COE), meanwhile, ensured that the authorization to arrive in the country of all international flights with passengers that have been approved until 11:59 p.m. local on March 29 is maintained.
According to the COE, the lodging sites are already saturated, so it is not possible to implement the epidemiological risk control measures provided by the Protocol, especially the Mandatory Preventive Isolation for 14 days, essential to guarantee that they do not enter new cases of COVID-19 to the country.
On social networks there are constant complaints from people who are in the designated lodgings, especially for the costs of lodging and food.

Returnees are vulnerable people, older adults, children who were abroad without their parents, pregnant women.


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