Economist: “Anti convergence” will happen at the forthcoming G20 summit


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A geopolitical and economic expert, Dr. Pierre Azar, expected that a process of consensus would take place during the forthcoming G20 summit in order to inject joint liquidity and that the so-called “antagonistic convergence” would occur.

Azar said in statements to Radio “Sputnik”: “In the convergence of oppositions, all parties will agree on steps for implementation, whatever the differences.”
He continued by saying: “The process of globalizing the infusion of funds will take place in order to deal with the epidemic, despite the fact that the countries have turned themselves in and locking their borders.”

Azar expressed his belief that the emerging corona virus is a human-made biological epidemic in order to crystallize other economic foundations at the international level, hence the G20 summit is gaining its importance.

He added: “Riyadh previously hosted a conference in the year 2013 and it was also called Corona, but today it comes with the same name while taking on very frightening dimensions.”

The office of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had announced that the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, had agreed, in a telephone call with Sanchez, to call for an urgent G20 summit on the Corona virus.

According to a statement by the Spanish Prime Minister, “The Prime Minister proposed an urgent and extraordinary meeting, to assess the situation and agree on a road map, and the (Crown Prince) of Saudi Arabia has expressed his approval and said that he will call for a G20 summit in the coming days.”

Korean President Ju Jae-in, has proposed to US President Donald Trump that a G20 summit be held over the phone, to discuss ways to combat the spread of the new Corona virus.


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